One of the biggest hurdles that most new virtual business owners struggle with, is figuring out how to attract the right clients.

The second biggest hurdle is figuring out how to keep them!

It can be very easy to try and build a business off of, what I like to call, ‘Transactional Services’ which are the one-time, in and out, thanks for working with me types of projects.

Now, there is nothing wrong with this approach if you enjoy working on short-term smaller projects, and with lots of clients.

The downside to setting up this type of business though, is the never-ending search for the next client.

You hear this all of the time with newer business owners, “I spend so much time prospecting and selling and looking for my next client, I feel like this Entrepreneurial Rollercoaster just isn’t for me anymore! It’s too hard!”.

And I agree.

When you have smaller contracts that come and go, that’s ok, but it’s not how you build a long-term, sustainable business model.

That’s why you need to think about designing your services in a way that you build partnerships, instead of customers.

The 3 ways that you can do that are rather straightforward – You either Save Time, Save Money, or (the best one) Make Money.

Saving Your Client Time

When you position your services in a way that saves your client time, then you are providing efficiency, hope, bandwidth, productivity, and order for their business.

The reason why this type of service is attractive is that, you free up the business (or the business owner) to focus on the things that they are best served doing.

The more time you save, the more value you add, and the longer that client stays with you and becomes a virtual partner.

Saving Your Client Money

Let’s face it, a business exists to help others (through its product or service offering) and make a profit while doing so.

Without profit there is no business, and with no business they can’t help anyone.

Not exactly a win-win for everyone involved.

If your services find a way to save your client money you become an excellent investment for them.

This could be through increased efficiencies (combination of saving time + money), helping them to automate in places that used to be heavily manual, providing options for less expensive software or hardware, or even helping them to clean up legacy systems.

There is always an opportunity to save money in a business, so the more you can help do that, the more valuable you become.

Making Your Client Money

This one is exactly as it sounds – if your services help them to make more money, then I will give you one guess as to how long they are going to want to partner with you....

For as long as you continue to help them make money!

This can be through new business opportunity suggestions, ideas on how to expand their service offering, or any interesting partnerships and connections that you can help them make.

If you are a Social Media Manager, for example, you might be creating and running profitable campaigns for them across all digital platforms.

If you provide customer service, you might be skilled at customer retention, or turning around a client that initially wanted to cancel.

The ability to increase the amount of money that a business can generate, and keep, is priceless!

Always Strive to Add Value

One of the simplest ways to uncovering how you can add value for your virtual clients is to remember to connect with them as frequently as possible and listen to what they have to say.

Most often, a business owner is revealing an opportunity for you to provide additional services to them, and help them thrive, if you just listen closely enough and act as their ideal partner in business.

If you continually add value to clients, then you can take your business virtually anywhere you want!

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