About us

The Virtual Gurus Academy

The Virtual Gurus Academy is the online learning resource of The Virtual Gurus, Canada’s largest virtual assistant company. Our goal is to provide a specialized curriculum for virtual assistants and professionals interested in specialized online learning courses.

The Virtual Gurus Academy provides self paced learning courses for thousands of virtual assistants that choose to expand their skills and earning potential with today’s most important professional development options.

We established The Virtual Gurus Academy to be a resource for both virtual assistants and our clients that demand the most cutting edge skills. Since 2016, we’ve worked with over 1,000 of the most prestigious clients across Canada.
What we’ve learned is this: to succeed we must provide highly trained virtual assistants. And to do that, we’ve developed an online training resource for our current and soon to be current virtual assistants!

When you enroll with The Virtual Gurus Academy, you’ll receive the following benefits:

The Courses You Need To Succeed

Our curriculum is designed to reflect the needs of our clients and the relevant skills that are required to work in the virtual workforce. You’ll have the option to choose courses focused on the most cutting edge technologies in business management, administration, social media, internet marketing, content creation, design and other in demand courses.

George Bair, Virtual Assistant

I've grown so much as a va since taking the bootcamp. It's given me the skills to get ahead

A User-Friendly Online System

We want our students to focus on their courses, instead of struggling with confusing learning platforms. Our goal is to ensure an educational experience that allows our students to study at their own pace with a platform that’s easy to follow. We’ve chosen Teachable as our learning platform so our students can easily enroll, study and communicate with our instructors with ease.

Quanika Samuel, Virtual Assistant

Easy to understand courses and it's not really expensive. I've enjoyed using this online source for my learning!

Choose A Learning Module

Our curriculum is grouped into learning modules that specializes in the most requested business skills. Whether you’re interested in social marketing, content creation or general administration, these are just a few of the core skill areas where we provide detailed training courses. We listen to the needs of both our client and virtual assistant communities to develop training that’s in demand.

Instructors That Know The Industry

We select instructors that have a proven track record of developing highly rated and successful online courses. All of our instructors understand the virtual industry because they’ve worked in this industry and understand the challenges. You’ll be instructed by professionals who focus on bringing your abilities to the next level and know what it takes to get you there!

A Vibrant Online Community

It’s important to have a community to discuss the challenges and issues that arise as a virtual assistant. That’s why we’ve created a Facebook group for our assistants to mentor, coach and support one another. We encourage our students to use our Facebook group to meet other assistants, share information, and stay tuned for our special Facebook live events and other events.

Andrea Guerrero, Virtual Assistant

You get the building blocks of what it takes to be a virtual worker. It's a great feeling to look back and see where I was, and now where I am headed. I like to learn at my own page so this is ideal as well

Your Success Is Our Success!

Our goal is to provide the best resources for virtual assistants to succeed in this lucrative and exciting field. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. We want to hear from our students about what courses we can add and what improvements we can make.

Reach out to us with questions and comments about our academy at [email protected].

Welcome to The Virtual Gurus Academy and happy learning!