Did you know that a 90-day quarter equals 1% of 25-years?

What if you could turn time scarcity into time abundance just by adjusting your thinking?

Would that be a game changer for you?

Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan wrote an excellent book called “The 25-Year Framework” that addresses how to transform time scarcity into time abundance.

Following a divorce and bankruptcy, Dan contemplated the following two questions:

“What if you gave yourself 25 years to transform your life?

“What if you had a single focus for the next 25 years?”

Now, 25 years may seem like a ridiculously long time to plan for. Many people find it hard enough to plan 5 or 10 years out, let alone 25 years.

A common attitude I’ve come across lately is one of going with the flow.

It has nice sentiments, but realistically if you aren’t in the drivers seat then you’re really just giving up control to forces outside of you. Why think that way when it’s actually pretty easy (and fun) to take control of your life?

If you’re interested in having things go your way in life, love and business, then keep reading.

Why 25 Years?

How many times a day do you find yourself saying, or thinking, “I wish I had more time”?

We seem to be expected to deliver more and more in less and less time these days.

The reason Dan suggests looking 25 years out is because it gives the feeling of more time.

How you ask?

Well, when you look at a 90-day segment and realize it’s only 1% of your overall vision for your future, suddenly you can relax. Stress and consistent pressure steal your focus. The relief of pressure reduces stress and helps you hold focus on what’s really important.

“When you change your relationship with time, you start looking at things in a way that puts you in the best possible mindset to take action to produce great results”

Essentially, you’re slowing down time while speeding up progress.

100 Times to Improve

Another beautiful thing about this framework is that you literally have 100 times to improve on the important areas in life and business.

The pressure of perfection lessens and procrastination also tends to dissipate as a result. You create space and breathing room to chip away at what matters most.

Claim Complete Responsibility For Your Life and Future

First of all, let’s talk about radical personal responsibility, one of the most critical factors in living a good and meaningful life of freedom.

This can be a hard one for many to chew on, especially if something awful has happened in your life. But, personal responsibility also carries with it the ability for you to be in charge of moving forward from that event, or events.

Learning to be grateful for any event, good or bad, in your life. Using them as fuel to charge forward in the direction of your dreams.

“In the long run, we shape our lives, and we shape ourselves. The process never ends until we die. And the choices we make are ultimately our own responsibility.”
― Eleanor Roosevelt

It takes great awareness of personal responsibility to look ahead 25-years.

Dan recalls, “What I discovered after adopting this framework was that, for the first time in my life, I felt that I was in change of my own learning”.

Making other people responsible for where you are in life means you’re giving over control to them. How does that feel to read that? Does it sting a bit? Good.

To take back control, practice releasing all blame and responsibility that you’ve attached to people and/or events. It may be uncomfortable at first, but after a few tries, you’ll likely start feeling the weight lifting.

Keep working it and make personal responsibility a core value. Trust me, it’s a game changer. And hey, if you try it on for size and decide it’s not for you, well then at least you gave it a shot.

The Biggest Rewards

Dan calls the 6 biggest rewards of ‘The 25-Year Framework’, The 6 C’s – capability, creativity, credibility, connections, confidence and cash.

Capability. You can do things better and faster.

Creativity. You can create new opportunities for more people.

Credibility. You become known for creating value in the world.

Connections. You feel connected to situations throughout the world where the greatest growth and progress are taking place.

Confidence. You stand taller and stronger because you deeply know yourself and where you’re going.

Cash. You create value and are paid in direct proportion to your contribution to the world, which is consistently increasing.


Your time is yours to waste or yours to use wisely. It’s up to you to decide.

Are you going to create a life you love and can be proud of, or are you going to go with the flow and just see where you end up?

If this has inspired you, please head on over to the Strategic Coach website by clicking here {https://resources.strategiccoach.com/quarterly-books/the-25-year-framework}. The entire book is available as a free PDF download (but I’ve heard the paperback comes along with fun cartoons).

If you’d like to support Dan and all he does by purchasing the paperback, then click here {https://private.strategiccoach.com/store/products/206}. It’s $19.95US with the option of a volume discount.

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